"Let The Bells Ring Again"

The current bells in St. Peter Catholic Church came to life on January 29, 1902 in preparation for the dedication of the new church.  The effort to help make these bells ring began in the fall of 1901.  In November, the bell from the old St. Peter Church was sent to St. Louis to be re-casted.  In December, the bell was back along with two new bells. They weighed 1,700, 1,400, and 900 pounds.  In January 1902, the three new bells were blessed, placed in the church tower and were rung for the first time.  A collection which was taken up when the new bells were consecrated amounted to $71.The new church was dedicated a few months later on April 29, 1902.  The Middleton Times Tribune reported, “In the early morning hours the boom of a cannon announced to the inhabitants the event to follow, and the three large bells in the steeple pealed forth their brazen notes at regular intervals during the morning.“  ~ Courtesy Wayne Brabender


In March of 2016, the bells of St. Peter Catholic Church went silent.  The framework that supports them is no longer structurally sound and in need of repair.  As part of this fundraising campaign, we ask for your help in addressing the building maintenance needs of the parish, and with that, bringing the bells of St. Peter Catholic Church back to life.