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St. Peter Catholic School

St. Peter Catholic School consists of Multi-Age Classrooms for students from Preschool through 5th grade with homeroom sizes of 8 to 13 students. Our school is accredited by the Wisconsin Religious and Independent Schools Accreditation (WRISA). Our staff is comprised of DPI certified, qualified educators trained to teach in their academic and grade-level disciplines. In addition to Religion, Literacy (Reading, Writing, Spelling, Word Work, and Grammar), Math, Science, and Social Studies, students also have classes in Art, Music, Physical Education, Spanish and Technology.  

We strive to bear the 5 Essential Marks of a Catholic School(Archbishop J Michael MIller, CSB, 5 Essential Marks of Catholic Schools).

We are inspired by a supernatural vision:

Our students are not only called to be good citizens of this world, but are to fulfill their destiny to become saints in the next world.

We are founded on a Christian Anthropology:

Since each of us is created in the image of Jesus Christ, in whom all human values found their fulfillment, we must ensure that each child develops the values of Jesus Christ.

We are animated by communion and community:

Our school is a genuine community of faith.

We are imbued with a Catholic worldview throughout our curriculum:

Our curriculum must foster love for wisdom and truth, and must integrate faith, culture and life.

We are sustained by Gospel Witness:

It is the responsibility of all staff to create a Christian school climate, and provide a constant witness of a life of faith.